Undue Harassment

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Airtel Broadband

Over the last few days, I have received calls from fake lawyers (listed below) claiming to represent Airtel and have been harassed to appear in the Delhi court. I first got a call from a Ramesh Yadav. While at first the caller seemed genuine, he proved to be a fake. When asked about the case for which I need to appear, Mr. Ramesh gave me vague replies and mentioned that the case details were confidential. Next I asked him the court address / number, date, and time where I was to appear, he mentioned that the details were in two notices that were sent to me. I have not received any notice.

Mr. Ramesh then asked me to call a Mr. Ranveer (Advocate) to clear the details. I called Mr. Ranveer and he claimed to represent Airtel on my case. He added that I was to pay the outstanding amount immediately (today) to close the case.

The details of the broadband connection in contention here are:

• A/c number: 7005427446
• Ph. Number: 040-40175123

I had installed the connection in 2011. Airtel had promised me speeds of 4 mbps, there no mention of download / upload. However, on getting the connection, I was told that the 4 mbps mentioned is the download speed, while the upload is limited to 512 kbps. I did manage to use the connection for a year, before applying for a cancellation in June 2012. However, Airtel continued to add to the amount for the next two months – July and August. The total bill amount by the August 2012 had reached Rs. 3,424 (for three months).

During these three months, I had continually requested from Airtel to clear my account as they had misguided me in regards to the speed promised. I had even agreed to pay for the month of June 2012, if Airtel provided in writing their breach of promise.

It is very shameful that such reputed companies have resort to such unethical practices.

I request Airtel to please at least refund the money if not compensate me for the grievances.


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