Underperforming airconditioner and no solution given for 6 months

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Panasonic

We have purchased 5 units of air conditioners of different sizes on 13/11/2011. The engineer of the company has visited our premises and had gone through all our planning and lay-out of sitting arrangements. The team of engineer has suggested us the specific units to install and we have installed accordingly. After the installation, we realized that one of the unit is not giving proper cooling. so we approached the local dealer who is suppose to look after “after sales service”. His workforce was not competent to resolve the issue, they just cleaned the machine and said there was dust in the filter. The same chapter repeated for more than 10-12 times, later they became ignorant towards our complaint. When we approached the higher authority, somewhere in first mid of april 2012, they sent a new engineer to address the issue. He also could not anything for 2 weeks except trial and error. Later on when we insisted to replace the specific machine, They sent one engineer from Gudgaon who came out with the conclusion that the specific type of machine is not suitable for our location and required additional units to be installed. But now they have started the blame-game and neither giving us the replacements nor implementing their proposal. We have suffering from this issue since last 6 months. We have communicated this issue to Mr. Raisingh Rawat, Mr. Hoshiyar Singh, Narender Negi,Mr Rajesh Tomar, Mr Gilbert but still the issue is not resolved.

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