Uncalled for Harrassment

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Airtel

This is in regards to my Airtel landline connection Telephone number- 40122341. I am unnecessarily being harassed by the collection team for the payment.
I had this connection since 2006. Till September’11 I have made all my payments on time. In Sept’11, I had called their customer care to inform them that I’m getting married soon and will be shifting from Mumbai so cancel the line. to which the lady said that I have made an extra payment of Rs. 500. I replied that I’m not looking for a refund and want the service to be cancelled. To this request I was given a REF No 5979678.
Since then I and my relatives whom they call through my call records, are being harassed by them for the monthly payments till date. We are now being informed that to cancel the service I should have filled up a form which was never mentioned before. I’m 8 months pregnant and not in the city to comply to their demands. Also in this state I’m being mentally traumatised. Please help

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