Unable to get the shoe

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Reebok / Shoes


I had purchased a Reebok shoe worth 1700 from a Reebok store on 2nd May 2012. The shoe was damaged and was clearly visible during the first wear itself.

I took it to the Reebok store and they submitted it for check and told me they will call in a week. After almost 15 days when no call was received i went to the store and check. Got to know that the shoe is damaged and they gave me a credit note to purchase another piece or the same piece. When I asked them to get me the same shoe they said they will get in a day or two and give me a call.

I again waited for a week but no call.

Then I went to the store again and got to know there is no shoe of my size.

So I thought will buy some other shoe. In reply they say that the sale is on and I cannot buy now. If i need to buy then I will have to buy at MRP.

I dont understand the logic.

I have paid for a shoe at its full price (1,700 rs) which was damaged. So now I hold a credit note for 1,700 Rs.

I liked a shoe which was 2,500 on sale (3,500 MRP). They say I have to pay 1,800 more which I dont think makes sense. I hold a credit note for 1,700 which I have paid in hard cash. so where the subject of sale or no sale comes.

When I asked for written rule to the store manager he said we are out of printed doc. I then talked to the regional head. he said he will get the original shoe in my size in 2-3 days and will call.

No one from the store has ever called in last 3 months.

I have to go to the store every weekend ( weekdays is not possible due to work) to listen that we will call you. Its been almost 3 months now.

I dont understand whether the regional head has got some stature or not.

That was my last buy from reebok. Please help me get my 1,700 back atleast. They wont even be ashamed to take that for free.


Alok Bhandari

Reebok Branch address:

Kormangala 4th block,
Near sony world Signal

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