Un-stable and false promise by Country Club. Cancel my Membership and Refund my Money.

1. I would like to request for the cancellation of my membership from the country club. I am forced to cancel the membership due to some false promise given by the sales/marketing Take over Manager Mr. Onkar Gaikwad and I am not interested to use any club activities in the future.
2. In agreement paper, its clearly mentioned that I can cancel my scheme in the cool of period 10 days. I have taken this scheme on 09th Jun 2018. So, I am putting my papers for cancellation the scheme and I want my full amount (paid 10,200 initial amount) to be refunded at the earliest.
3. Cancellation reasons are given below:-
a) I have purchased this scheme with 90,000Rs and Mr. Onkar Gaikwad told me that you will take membership on only 10200 for Complimentary trail pack, but as per the SALE agremment need to pay full product amount to avail the facility.
b) He told me that I can use club after 10 days from SALE AGREMMENT but as per SALE AGREMMENT need to pay full amount with in 30 days of initial payment to able to use club facility.

c) As per Take over Manager Mr. Onkar Gaikwad said to after sale agremment you will be able to plan a 6 night 7 days hotel stay facility all over india without any charges (for site visit initial amount), but as per sale agremment we need to pay also admin fees.

d) They also informed me, I will get my payment receipt with in next day in my mail from the Hyderabad Head office but its been 8 days I have not received any mails from them.
e) Initially we have paid 10,200 Rs to Take over Manager Mr. Onkar Gaikwad and we can access Country clubs membership and holiday package against money receipt copy. Now he told us that, Once we get the card only we can access the facilities otherwise we need to pay the extra amount. Which is totally different from his promise before taking the package.
e)Later they have provided the agreement form to sign which I couldn’t read completely as my wife was not feeling well and we wanted to come out of the room as its already 9.30 P.M. Later after reaching home I go through the agreement which doesn’t have anything they offered and some contents are completely opposite.
4.Now I felt country club is totally a fraud company due to some fraud promise given by your employers and I am really unhappy with your service and I will not suggest anyone to take the membership. If I am not getting my money back with in 10 days than I will take the legal action against the Country club and your employee.
5. As per Take over manager Mr.Onkar Gaikwad in 2 year EMI on initial amount 10200 you will be able to use Club and gym on continues 2 year but the same is not in Sale agreement, After read agreement on second day was discussed with them to know a clear picture, then they said to you will able use on 1 year not complete 2 year , if you pay full amount then you will be able to use lifetime.

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