Un attending telephone service by BSNL dept

Location/place: Palanahalli,bangalore

Name of company/service: Delphi

I have BSNL WLL Connection 22796133 and since 17 days it is not working, I have visited three times my nearest BSNL office and contacted all the people to rectify the problem. Every time when ver i go BSNL office they ask first have paid bill I said yes. Then they will check in their system and forward me to techinical team. There they asked me to bring my phone and I given my instruemnt to them. They said instrumanr is ok.Gain they forwarded me to comercial dept to check my connection is reconneted properly. Againg i went and check with they said yes your connection is ok. Againg they tiold me to contact techinical dept. I went and told them my connection is reconnected already. They took my instrument and made call call it fails. One technial officer said it will done with in 2 hours as in the excange they are reconnecting all the lines. I went back and saturday i did not get my cannection back. Sunday they have closed till monday i have wwaited and called the technical person on tuesday he asked me to give my WLL number and said it will be done today that is tuesday. Tuesaday also i did not get my coonection back. Wednesday i called the technical person to check my connection. he says we are trying our level best but if you are not intersed in this connection please put a request for cancellation we will cancel the connection. Since 20 years i am havinh my BSNL connection now he is asking me to go for cancellection. I have paid all the bills and went sevaral time to the office finally i have not got the proper answer. Please do the justice.

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