UJJWAL ENTERPRISES SCAM ( Ujjwal plays a very smart Big scam game, These are how everyone will be trapped to them , Ujjwal take the money as verification and processing fees, Ujjwal then after drag the time and later carrying not lifting calls and being busy in meetings, so people will try calling from other states and they keep quit after some time. Utilizing peoples commitment/greed situations and enjoying their money in easy ways.

UJJWAL Team member involved in Scams

Pooja – Ph: 9785620751
Lokesh Meena Ph: 9414464691
Email Communication: [email protected]

Inside Story of SCAM

One day, I(Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd C/O Kiran Kumar – Contact 9845741067 ) got a call from Ujjwal Enterprises Financial Services, Jaipur. Address: BUILDING NO 511-12 INDIRA GANDHI NAGAR SECTOR 8 JAIPUR by Executive Name Pooja (Contact Number: 9785620751) on dated 12th June 2018 for a lending loan for 4.5 Crore. We provided all the KYC documents and then Ujjwal released Offer Letter (Dated: 18/06/2018) and asked us to pay to search and Verification Fee of Rs 2,000 Rs for the Lokesh account.

Payment made by Eterno Housing Pvt Ltd on 21/06/2018 on one condition to Pooja that disbursement must happen within a week, Pooja gave 100% Confirmation on loan disbursement by 26/06/2018. Also telling us process is simple, Ujjwal will send one draft , you have to take e-stamp, print, and sign and send to Soft copy , Ujjwal sent us the approval letter(Dated 18/06/2018) and asked to pay processing fees as upfront only Rs 3,25,618 (Three lakh twenty five six hundred and eighteen rupees only) ,Payment made from Eterno Housing account (Dated 29-Jun-18) for account details Vijaya Bank, Account number 704900301000149 IFSC Code – VIJB0007049, Account holder name – Lokesh Meena . In these during of payment lot of calls from Pooja for making payment soon and we can process for disbursement by immediately after the processing fees.

Before the payment, it was told us any govt employee can be the guarantor but once after the payment , they sent a Agreement and signed in e-stamp which say guarantor bond as company still pooja says its a guarantor of any govt employee but finally they send agreement which says Corporate or Thasildhar Guarantor – Why Corporate or Thasildhar gives guarantee for our project, we rejected continuing with them since they have not informed prior about this procedure and seems its a scam getting money from public . After they send us cancellation letter for us, cancellation letter says that they can give only 20% refund out of RS 3,25,618 .

We have informed each and every circumstance of our project and Ujjwal had agreed 100% confirmation for the loan disbursement, But due to their scam we had lost of our project and huge loss occurred worth of 25 Lakh, So Ujjwal has to bear the losses.

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