Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: Datawinds Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 23/11/2012

Respected Sir,

I have pre-ordered a Ubislate 7+ . My booking ID is PM8DF75 .

As per company demand , I was sent a cheque of Rs. 2999/- ( vide cheque No. 511480 dated 09/05/2012 of State Bank of India ( 06794 ) , AE Market , Salt Lake ( Calcutta ) ,
Salt Lake , Sector – 1 , Kolkata , DT: 24 Parganas (N) , W.Bengal – 700 064 ) through DTDC Plus against my booking of the Ubislate 7+ .

The cheque was received by the company on 14/05/2012 and it was encashed on 02/06/2012.

As per company offer ( on 18/09/2012 ) , I confirm you to accept and ready to receive
the product UbiSlate7Ci ( instead of Ubislate7+ ) and ready to pay Rs. 500 extra at the time
of receiving the product .

After a long time and a long struggle , I received Ubislate7Ci from your end through DTDC
on 25/10/2012 .

But a lot of surprises were waiting for me when I opened the parcel . I discovered that
1) Its front screen was full of scratch .
2) Its operating system is not booting .
3) It is not working at all .

That is why , I made the phone calls several times to your support system . But no one was ready there to attend the phone calls .

Suddenly , I received a phone call from datawind on 29/10/2012 and that lady was interested
to know that the Ubislate 7Ci was received by me or not . I told everything to that lady , but , she cuts the phone call without any response .

I request you to take necessary action for the above problem to replace the Ubislate7Ci immediately by the DATAWIND immediately .

My permanent address is JAYJIT BOSE
AE – 96 , SECTOR – I ,
KOLKATA – 700 064
Phone No. : 9874123971
Email id : [email protected]

Thanking you

Yours truly


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