Ubislate 7+ tablet delievery of datawind

Location/place: Rohini delhi

Name of company/service: Datawind innovations pvt ltd

I have booked the ubislate 7+ order id is PME3C3316E85 and on 22feb2012 my cheque of citibank of rupees 2999.00 was cleared. After payment was done to datawind i have tried so many times to contact the datawind but no positive response was given to me and everytime they are extending the delievery dates to next 15-20 days and since april they are extending the dates and making fool of the custumers who have made the advance payments to datawind for the prioritizing their order. everytime time you call datawind and they will ask you for your details like name place date of payment and without knowing order id they tell you that you will recieve the tablet in next 15 days. There might the chances of the big scam of datawind in the name of tablet. Around 3lakh people paid them advance of rupees 2999.00. its a big scam. now there is a time to take some legal actions against datawind. SO the guys who made the advance payments to datawind please be ready to file a legal action against datawind and mr. TULI.

order id PME3C3316E85
Cheque no. 859984
Cleared on 22.02.2012
Bank name citibank

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