UBISlate 7+ delivery not received

Location/place: Ahmedabad/Gujarat

Name of company/service: Datawind

Dear Sir,

I had booked a UBISlate 7+ tablet in Feb-2012 with a assurance that it shall be delivered around March-12 end or early Apr-12, however till date I have not

recieved the product and my repeated follow ups are also not helping out.

My booking ID : PMCF97696B99 ::
Payment Details::
Cheque Dated# 14-Feb-12
Cheque# 042897
Issuing Bank# ICICI Bank
Courier Date# 16-Feb-12
Courier POD# A21412343
Courier# DTDC

1. It was promised that if we pay money in advance then delivery would be latest by Mar-12 end or early Apr-12, that is why I paid in advance

2. These people do not provide correct a response on email and sometime even email is bouncing because of mailbox full

3. They do not have any contact number listed on thier website where we can reach them

4. The toll free number that they have provided 18001802180 is either busy or no one picks up

I am not sure whether they are a genuine company or not but really worried about my money that I have paid to them.

Kindly asssit me in getting the product or money back.

Anil Upadhyay
[email protected]

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