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Location/place: hyderabad

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I booked blue color continental conti metropolis tubetype(size-3/R 17) which said delivery within three days So with reference to that I booked the Tyre with order no.3514 on 2/4/2013,12:50 PM.

When I did’nt get my tyre within delivery time, I enquired about the order through call and Email, Your Spokesperson (With Moble No.9036235005) said that there is no stock available in the Bengaluru Branch.

So he suggested me to change the tyre to blue color continental conti thunder tube type(sze-3/R 17).So I agreed to him and Placed the order which changed to 3607(8/4/13), docket no.BLR1450185425(Through Professional Couriers).
After waiting for So many days with calls and Emails, Finally I got the Tyre on 10/4/13 with black color continental conti thunder tubetype(size-3/R 17) without any change.
Please make justification that whether there is any change of my tyre to actually seen on ur website blue color continental conti thunder tubetype(size-3/R 17). I m fully unsatisfied on ur services. Other wise please cancel the order & repay my amount.
Photos attached for your response that actually received after delivery/tyre

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