TVS Ntorq 125-Complaint

TVS NTorq 125 – Complaint

I bought a new TVS-NTorq125 vehicle from ARASU TVS, Porur, Chennai TN on 18th April 2018.

I experience very badly after purchasing this vehicle from ARASU TVS. A sales rep Mr.Chandru spoke with me very nicely till collecting money from me for booking during end of March’2018. After booking he did’nt even remember me. I asked for a red color matte finish vehicle to be delivered by 6th Apr 2018. But someone from ARASU TVS called me before end of Mar’18 and asked to me take the vehicle for delivery. I explained him that I asked only 6th Apr 2018.

No one called me till 6th Apr 2018 even the fellow Mr.Chandru who collected money from me. Then I called them and asked for the status of delivery, they stated that no red color vehicle is available and you may have to choose another color. Also Mr.Chandru of ARASU TVS stated that TVS stopped production for red color and tried to convince me. But I told them I need only red color.

After that I was following with them consistently and finally I got the vehicle on 18th Apr2018. Before delivery I requested them to show the vehicle but Mr.Chandru promised that the vehicle will be good and no need to worry.

I experienced no transparency in process, no customer support because soon after collecting money no one turned to us. Even at the day of delivery, when I entered the showroom, I informed three of them that I came to pick my new vehicle. After 45 minutes, again someone came and asked what for am waiting. Again I told the same, and then they arranged to deliver my vehicle.

I received my vehicle without service tool kit, First aid kit, poor braking and poor fork lock. I went back on next day to get the above mentioned. Great QC done before delivery.!!!!

During my first service I highlighted the below mentioned points to the service fellow, but they always try to convince us with ill-literate answers and no one is there to talk technically. I went thrice to service center(ARASU TVS) , 2 times with job card entry and 1 time without job card.

In Arasu TVS service center no one listens to your issues and if at all they listens, you will get an ill-literate answers. They do not even know what are the benefits/Products/Scheme we have in TVS brand. Also they say if you have any problem we have to reach out to TVS directly instead authorised service center.

Below are the few highlighted issues on my vehicle, which still it is not been addressed till date.
1. Speedometer console does not function. (Despite many followup calls, no one responded back. I remember finally Mr.Arun-Service Advisor from Arasu TVS, attended my call but did’nt turnup).
2. Engine heats up quickly (No proper answer given by any technician in Arasu TVS and they simply say that it will be like that)
3. More vibrations in front panel after they tried fix speedometer issue (Service engineers Not even checked my vehicle before delivery)
4. Less initial pickup (Due to more vibrations, the vehicle stammers during initial pickup)
5. Fork Lock (The fork lock does’nt lock properly. Everytime we may need to slightly turn up the handbar to lockit. When we ask them they say as the days go it be rectified but so far it remains same)

People who involved in the issue of my vehicle till date are
1. Chandru-Sale Rep
2. Arun-Service Advisor
3. All other technician who involved inside workshop (I do not remember their names)

I request a technician team from TVS to look after this issue and fix it at the earliest. Also I strongly suggest not to authorise any distribution/service center if they do not work to enhance TVS brand.

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