Location/place: Greater Noida

Name of company/service: Homeshop18

I purchased a KarbonnA2 mobile phone from Homeshop18 for Rs4990, paying on line. The phone was received promptly but immediately I reported that there are major defects and Homeshop18 agreed to correct the mistake. Someone from HS18 rang up to say the phone would be reverse picked up in 48 hours. After that I have written many requests and spent long time and money on phone to talk to their Consumer Care portal to absolutely no effect, only receiving irrelevant statistics and their inability to do this or that, without telling what their solution to this problem is. It only proves that Homeshop18 is not serious in replacing, changing, repairing or refunding the phone. I am stuck with an unserviceable phone without any clue about what future action to take. I request that my money may kindly be refunded as soon as possible. Order No.923961821, complain tickets numbers 80671647/
Please help me from this fraud.

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