TravelGuru Cheated Me

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Travelguru

I would like to give you the history of my case.

• I booked myself via you on 4th May 2012 in Hotel Fortune Central Nirvana ( 4 star category for 2 nights ) as per attached email confirmed by you.
• This hotel is closed from long times and your area manager Mr Gaurav knew this from April as per email attached sent by Mr Gupta of fortune hotels.
• You never told me that this hotel is closed.
• Before starting my journey from Delhi I called up the hotel and I came to know that this hotel is closed.
• I informed travelguru immediately and you promised to give me a hotel of same category by next morning.
• I called you 15 times during my journey and spoiled all my time with family in calling and spend Rs 2000 approx on roaming cell bills to get an accommodation as all the hotels we full.
• I reached Darjeeling and spent 4 hours on the road with family with no hotel spending money on the road.
• Then u gave me a no start rating hotel Summit which in turn gave me a very small corner room with queen size bed.
• Then suddenly I came to know that this room does not have any water to shower or toilet.
• I spent all the time getting water from outside using multiple buckets.
• I have taken videos of that small room and myself getting buckets from outside. Video is big in size so will send later if u need.
• Then next day I checkin in another fortune group hotel and paid Rs 1006 as extra ( receipt attached )

What I want from you to
• Refund the full amount of first night
• Refund Rs 1006
• Refund Rs 2000 of my cellular bills.

Apart from that I spoiled all my holiday time and my family felt very bad about it and they both my young kids blamed me.

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