Trapped and cheated by Sovereign Unnathi Builders of Bangalore

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Sovereign Unnathi

I am a genuine buyer of Sovereign Unnathi, Horamvu-Kalkere main road, Bangalore and a frustrated, fooled buyer trapped with all my Hardworking money investing with Sovereign to own a flat.

These guys only know how to attract/ fool people by launching low cost apartments with a very good demo house, like they did for Sovereign- Unnathi: 18 lakhs (inclusive all) for a 2BHK 856 sq-ft flat in early 2010, promised to deliver it in 30 months max by Dec2012. They could able to sell most of it promising a lot with that. People trust them because this is their first project and nothing there to inquire about them (God knows if they have done scam like this earlier and started this with a new name and can do the same in future).

They constructed the G+15 floor structure within a year and took 90% of the flat cost. That’s all and no major progress till data. Its been already delayed 8 months and will take another 2 years to complete the way its getting progress. Thats not the end, they do have many below surprises and hidden costs

•They charged mandatory 35k to provide a washing machine point at utility. which should come by default.

•Construction quality is very low. used cement and iron were laying outside for long time. patches all over. One person can easily penetrate the gaps in windows rail. Door wood and side is poor.

•Water pipes have gone open on the bedroom wall from one bath room to other.

•Huge charges for small modifications. for example an A/C point cost 75K etc.

•They had 30feet road inside to campus shown as gated community and claimed 60% open area. Now the roads turns out to be public road and not part of them. they will have separate boundary wall for D-block where all amenities are there. People have to cross the public road to access those.

•Amenities they showed part of plan such as swimming pool, children play area are turns out as extra amenities and buyer have to pay extra money.

•They took 1% as stamp duty for sell deed agreement which is actually 0.1%. so ~16k extra. Not sure if they will refund that one.

•They do have a “Nala” (20ft wide river flowing inside the campus) told us meant for rain water, hopefully its not turn out as Drain water for that area.

•5 rupees/sq-ft they should pay per month for project delay, which they saying no to it now.

Now that’s not the end, the most surprising one is- in terns of price escalation they are asking now 9 lakhs extra for 2BHK and 18 lakhs for 3 BHK on top of initial agreement. and threatening to cancel the apartment if not paid. I am sure its not easy amount to pay by anyone. Definitely all will go to legal and this project is on dispute now. It will never complete in near future. So whoever have booked are trapped and all their hard-earning money is trapped

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