Transaction issue not reply with a valid answers just delaying by saying other thing

Hello Sir/ Mam,

I have done a online ( instant pay) transaction of amount 130000 to my beneficiary and the amount got debited from my account but it now reflecting in beneficiary account.
When I called axis customer service they are saying wait for 2-3days, or go can go to bank for inquiry.
The way they were wasting my time giving me a mental torture for continuously for 2 hours by. Saying the same thing
I think this is not the way to deal with your customers. It’s being more than 17 hours I don’t know we’re is my money, they are playing with me by saying it will come and wait for 2-3 working days. Sir please help us from this we are really getting mentally tortured by these people by not reply in a proper way.

Infact I have sent a mail to their MD and few more high leadership but instead of reply to my mail they haven’t gave a acknowledgements that we will do/doing something for my money.
I infact ty to call them in the office number which are available online but they are also not picking up the phone.
Why they are giving their information online if they Don’t want to reply.

Shahid Ahmad

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