Training Not delivered but charged full amount

ACTE Education -chennai is conducting training on various IT skills. I approached them for one of the skill. As per the website and conversation with Karthick who is the incharge and confirming all my conditions i am looking out of training , i paid full cash of 28000 on 2 SEP’18. They confirmed me theory, practical and placement assistance and asked me to join on 3 SEP’18 as there was a batch coming up by then. But later called and said to come after 4 days . When i went to the institute the first day , trainer was taking java and python classes and he was assigned to me for training . After asking him series of questions he clearly told me that he is not professional in the respective field which i have asked for but he can only show PPT and he asked me to speak to the management on this . he also confirmed that there is no practical class and adviced me to join only if there is confirmation on practicals. Hence i discussed the same with KARTHICK who was in touch with me the whole time . He denied me refund and said he will arrange another trainer and asked me to wait . I was waiting and on 12 SEP i was called to the institute and there was another trainer who took classes and i explained him my expectations and he agreed to deliver but could not confirm on practical classes . I checked with KARTHICK again and he said he will arrange for practicals as others are using the login. I agreed . The whole theory classes i attended from 12 SEP till 25 SEP were 9 hours and i was daily informed by my trainer that management is arrange for practicals . Finally trainer said theory is over and rest will see in practicals . When i asked KARTHICK for practicals he is says he cannot give the logins as its costly and asking me to take any action needed , I did not understand how come 1.5months course finished in 9 hours and how with our practical classes one learns IT. By investigating more i found a course material which was same as the syllabus ACTE posted in website and wen i downloaded it was 236 pages . Were as the training i had was for hours and only basic of course and icon exponentiation . WHich is 5-10% of the total course .ACTE have cheated me and wen i ask for refund after going legally they deny and say they will return only 8000 . 9Hours of class with only basic fundamental does that cost 20,000? They are not ready to give practicals nor provide material . They are asking me to do anything i can. This shows how fraud they are . FAKE institute i am caught with and suffering. I want the full fledged training or refund of the remaining days classes were not conducted . Not 8000. My goal was to grow from my current position and not to get cheated . If some one can help me and pass this on . ACTE EDUCATION – Chennai is FAKE , Karthick , Vinayak are 2 people who fake there students .

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