Train tickets cancelled but money not refunded

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: NGPAY

I had booked the train tickets the following tickets through ngpay’s mobile application on my mobile:
– mumbai to mathura – pnr no: 8700611756
– mathura to gangapur city – pnr no: 2433541518
– gangapur city to mumbai – pnr no: 2661936142

due to some reasons I had to cancel the trip and so I called the ngpay’s toll free number on 20th june 2012 to cancel the tickets. The executive confirmed that all my tickets have been cancelled. But only the money for mathura to gangapur city – pnr no: 2433541518 have been refunded and that too rs 900 for a ticket which costs rs 1250. It has been a month now, and the monies for the other tickets have not been refunded. Also, the ngpay’s toll free number is not reachable.

Pls help me get back rs 8300.

Experiences like these always make you think whether transactions through mobile/Internet can be trusted or no.

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