TOSHIBA’s FAKE warranty policy

Location/place: PUNE

Name of company/service: TOSHIBA

I bought a Toshiba laptop around nine months ago. I faced a display issue in 1st week of April, 2013. I lodged a complaint to Toshiba explaining them that my Laptop falls in warranty period and I need my Laptop to be repaired as soon as possible.After 3-4 days, I got a mail, where they have mentioned that they will send their Engineer.Now, again after two-three days, their Engineer came and diagnosed my Laptop. He mentioned in his report that there is no any physical damage to the Laptop and forwarded to Toshiba office.Again after five days, when I contacted Toshiba customer care, they asked me to pay the charges as the engineer found my laptop as physically damaged. I don’t know, when my laptop got damaged in such a way that there is no any scratch on my Laptop and the screen got damaged. This is Fake warranty.These foreign companies came to india for these kind of practices.It has deliberately affected their brand equity and faith in my mind.
My Advice to evryone is,” Don’t go for any TOSHIBA products. They are not reliable”.

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