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I would like to inform you that i have registered with just dial and renewed top position in all pin code of patna .
My category is cctv dealer in patna.I have done the payment of rs19000 to just dial on 21st September DURATION FOR 90 DAYS.
Transaction id is JDPYOMLYY034614
JD marketing team again approaches us and pitched for upgradition for 1 year.We agreed for contract AT COST OF 98000+gst(18%) in ECS Mode.
I have given the cancelled check and documents for process but next day they called me and demand the high value of rs 1,50,000/ plus+GST(18%) for same contract
and giving excuse that another vendor is ready for pay more than you
.If payment not done they will remove my listing from top position.If we have already done contract for top position duration for 90 days
then how justdail remove my position from listing?????
If we are ready to pay money then what is the grantee that our position will be safe.If another vendors come and say that i can pay more than your current value then
what is the benefits to make payment for top position.
We are regular customer of just dail from last 4 years but we never face such type of fake proposal and fake commitment from justdail.
Today Marketing executive contact us and giving 2 options 1st option they are ready to return our payment and 2nd option to booked for
4th position.
Very sad to say there is nothing left for me to say about just dial because you people are not deal in genuine way.You people suggest me how to believe in
your contract system.Is there any meaning of contract in JD if people are dealing in wrong way?

Thanks & Regards,
(AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)
Anupam Mundle
Phone :8877449958 8877797711

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