TOI delivery

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: times of india

Dear Sir/Madam,
this is in regards to my subscription “NAJ 026460”
i have booked second time in two months.
the first one was not delivered for no reason given to me from your HELP ( punish line ) 24317979 ..( sirr we will give you tomorrow we will call you …) am still waiting for the call …
The second one booked on 30/06/2012 agent name Karthik (9940477996) never picked the call after taking the money.
Area manager prabhakaran ( 7200767675) very nice guy always solve the p[problem tomorrow that never comes )
Another manager 9710907522 rajesh also same standard reply tomorrow will fix the paper sirrr.
and you call center 24317979 ( is there some one working ) never ever they picked the call ( hundred in one is picked if you are lucky ) and then comes the reply will deviver it to you sirrr .
I wonder how such a big news paper be so irresponsible and apathetic towards the customer … surely you are nor running for long this way .If possible you can do something do it i have already lost ( 2x 299 and 200 to the agent )

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