Tikona’s torturous service.

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tikona Internet Service

The worst service ever that i experienced is of Tikona. My ID is 1106882563. I got the connection on 9th July 2012. It worked fine 1st day, next two days it was intermittent, and since then till now its not working at all.
I logged in complaint about the intermittent connection(1-2385376258), a technician came to my house, as it was working when he was present for about 2 minutes at my premises, being intermittent connection which clearly means it works at times, and then disconnects, he forcefully closed that case even when i kept on denying requesting to monitor it for another day. His name is Deepak.
I logged in another complaint the very next day(1-2388851244). Deepak called me at 11am on Saturday saying that he’ll be at my place to fix the issue by 3pm. I called at 3pm and requested him to give me a proper time as i had to wait at home for him to come, he kept on delaying with intervals of 1 hour everytime, and finally at night 9pm, he said he wont be able to come.
All this while i had been consistently calling tech support atleast once a day. All they do is ask me to switch the box off then on, and promise for a callback from manager which never comes, and promise for a tech who calls late, many a times doesn’t call at all.
One of the tech who came to my house after Deepak irresponsibly failed to act, said that there is some issue with the cable, they had connected a cheap quality cable and hence its not working. He said that the connection on the box on terrace is proper.
Here i called Ashish who sold me this 3 months unlimited torture plan, he came with one of his techs next day, went on terrace and said that the box is burnt and that he had already escalated the complaint to the senior department to replace it.
Yesterday when i called tikona cust service, they said they can see the signal on the box, and promised for a tech in 2-4 hours, who never called again.
Any sane human being would be totally pissed because of this extremely irresponsible pathetic service of Tikona, so was I, and when i called Ashish asking for refund, he says that Rs250 will be deducted from the amount that i had paid and it’ll be returned back in 45 days. A mistake at Tikona’s end, causes me to spoil my weekend, mental harassment for 2 weeks, and yet i have to pay Tikona Rs 250 and wait for 45 days for the refund?

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