Tikona Internet not disconnecting and asking for money even after my disconnection notice

Summary- Tikona Internet was frequently disconnecting for more than 3 months and hence I requested them to disconnect my service on 11 Jan 2019 with immediate effect and subsequently reminded on 15 Jan 2019. Instead of taking back their adapter they keep on sending me bills and calling me every day for additional payments.

Details- My Tikona Internet was frequently disconnecting since Sept 2018. Everytime I had to give them complain and wait for their people to restore my connection. Gradually I realized that the Internet was of no use and I was simply wasting my time in giving complains and talking to their people. Finally on 11 Jan 2019 I requested them to disconnect my service with immediate effect.

After this they requested to observe the Internet for 3-4 days without paying any extra money. I observed the internet for 4 days and there was 2-3 days downtime during those 4 days. So on 15 Jan I told them that i had already disconnected their cable and requested them again to discontinue my service with immediate effect.

While my monthly plan is 354/- rs and I had paid all their previous bills, to my surprise they sent me a bill of 1005/-. When I spoke to their helpline they (Vaishali) said it was a mistake in the bill and I had to pay just 82 rs to settle the final account. Accordingly I paid 82 rs 24 January. But soon after they said I had to pay 400+ rs more as I was using their Internet. This was ridiculous as how could I use their internet while the cable is disconnected.

Since then they have been sending me bills of different amount and calling me on daily basis asking for money. I told them to first send me the disconnection letter and then ask for any unsettled amount. But instead of giving a disconnection letter they are sending me emails charging me on Per GB basis (while there is no usage at all) and calling me on everyday for various amount of money, sometimes Rs 300+ and sometimes Rs 400+ and keep on harassing me.

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