Tikona Internet – Fraud

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vindhyavasini Group Of Companies

Respect Sir/Madam, I wanted to have internet connection of Tikona Service. They offered me Tariff of 500 Rs in which internet will be unlimited at curtain speed. I paid 1000 in advance according to their policy. They told me that 1st 2 months service will be free. I paid the amount but i git the connection after 1 month after so much of follow up. First i thought that they must be fraud but at last they connected. Later I came to know that my monthly fixed billing is of Rs 4000 regarding about i didn’t had any idea. I complain regarding about the same and later I got connection disconnected. but now they ask me to pay the payment & I refused. Now the problem is after four months of the disconnection I received one cal from an Advocate of Delhi court(Call on 21/06/12 at 12pm),he is threatening me for non payment. He is saying that i have to pay the penalty of 1,45,000 (1 Lac forty five thousand). There were different different charges which I can’t recollect(Sorry for that). He also said that now from Tikona not a single staff can interfere & sort out the issue as it now been registered with the court. But at the end he said – We (Advocate) are not liable to call & give intimation about the case but i am calling you because the amount i need to pay against the bill is only 4485 & for the small amount I should not face the court. To avoid it he has given me 2 hours, failing to which he will file the case & there will be arrest warrant for me. I am trying to search that person who has given me the connection because he is the only person who knows exactly what he sold to me.. One more thing I would like to say is that I have not signed any document / form saying that I am looking for high speed internet connection. I am in a tense mode please help me.

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