Tikona Brodaband – Worst service ever

Location/place: Vadodara

From last 4-5 months I was having frequently disconnection problems. I’ve complaint about it many times in their customer care. Every time they register complain & promise to resolve it as a high priority! But honestly, no one even bother to follow up the complain.

When I registered to the Tikona, the sales person promised me for a high-speed continuous connectivity! For the initial 2-3 months, it worked well. But after that, I’m facing frequently disconnection problems. Every time when I call to customer care, they register a complain & tell me that the complain no. will be sent to me via SMS!! But I never get that SMS!! I used to call them 2-3 times a day for the same complain & every time I have to explain the problem again. I’ve told them that I’m having all my work online so please do care about these problems. But every time they just register complains & do false promises!

Also, when the connection is on, most of the time I’m getting very poor speed! I’m using the plan up to 2 Mbps speed but hardly get the speed! In fact, I am not able to load even the speed-test page of Tikona!!

I’m a freelancer & having all my work online. I’m having all my clients from foreign countries & I do need to work from night many times! I had suffered a lot with this service! Last time my client was about to sue me! I lost many of my clients just because of the poor internet service.

Being frustrated with the service, I called the customer care to cancel my connection last month. The customer care person requested me to give them one more chance so I told him to resolve the problem within a day! I told him if this wouldn’t happen, I’ll not pay the bill! I also told him to confirm that the technician call me at the morning to infirm me at what time he is coming so I can arrange my schedule accordingly. But the technician did call me at noon while I was in a meeting. I told him to come the next day between 11-12am. I waited till 4 pm the next day for him but he didn’t come. I called him 3-4 times & every time he said he would be coming within half hour! & lastly, he didn’t pick up my call! I wasted my whole day waiting for him.

On the next day, the customer care person called me & I told him the whole thing & said that I’m not going to pay the bill as I said before! On the same day, when I was not at my home, their person went to my home without informing me & canceled my connection! HOW FAST!! I wish I get that speed for my complains!!

Now they are calling me for bill payments! I am not going to pay a single rupee to them! In fact, now I’ve made up my mind to complain against them to the consumer court. I need a proper guidance how I can do that. I want Tikona to compensate what I’ve lost – money, clients & the most important, my time!

My Tikona user ID was 1102723269

Kruti S

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  1. 10 years ago

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