Ticket Cancellation fee_fake promises

Hi, My name is Thandavamoorthi and my booking ID is NF72996137076746. I have booked flight ticket through Makemytrip. While booking, there is an offer for cancellation of the flight ticket. If you cancel ticket through makemytrip, the cancellation charge is Rs.300 only. I booked a round trip to Delhi from Chennai. I have completed my onward journey to Delhi. Now I want to cancel my return journey (Delhi to Chennai). If I call the customer care, the call is disconnected after sending cancellation link. If I go to cancellation link, the system is showing “Please wait till we fetching the data”. I am waiting, but the system is not responding. I couldn’t call to customer care also. If I call to customer care, I am getting the same link. It is not working. Basically, the makemytrip intension is cheating the customer with wrong promises. (Refer Attachment for booking details)

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