Threats from TATA Indicom of legal notice

Location/place: Bangalore


WE had a TATA Indicom number in 2009 which we had disconnected due to frequent call drops after clearing all outstanding dues. The caller was Mr. Rahul Mehta (Phone#9650661989) who called us at 3 PM and said that we need to pay the outstanding amount of Rs1600 else by 4.30 PM else they would file a case in court. Now I get a call from Mr. Mahavir Singh(Contact #+918459117543) asking me to contact Mr.Mehta else they will start proceedings against me. I have had the same secondary number and have not received a single call in the last 4 years. Why has TATA decided on this opportune moment to give me an hour notice and then drag me to court. They could have easily contacted me earlier and solved all issues. I have tried calling the following customer care numbers,
None of them have been able to help me out and keep giving me alternate numbers. Why cant TATA have 1-2 customer care number like Airtel or Vodafone. It is very disappointed that a company like TATA is harassing customers in this manner. My old TATA number is 8065392256. If there are any outstanding issues, then an actual TATA representative can give me a call and we will sort it out. I shall not bow down to threats. I have not been able to work because of these pesky calls.

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