Threating me by calls that legal notice will be sent to you

I got a call on 27th July from this company named as type and earn from a girl named Nisha. She told me I’m suitable for this work and explained me the work that I need to fill 800 forms within a week i.e 7 days and I have to pay nothing for it, and out of 800 forms 80 will acceptable with errors which means I will be eligible for the salary I get but if I further make mistakes my money will start deducting. I agreed for the work and decided to work from 29th july, she asked for my information like name number email id and adhar card photo. I sent them everything and an agreement appread which she did not allow me to read telling me the application will me cancelled within 2 mins if you won’t sign and that I can read the agreement as it will be sent to me. I signed it, and after signing it she told me if I will not given them the complete work on time they will charge 4500. later on 28th July I decided that I don’t wanna do this work as it will be very time consuming so I tried to contact her (Nisha) but every time her number was switched off so I dropped her a message on WhatsApp telling her I don’t want to do this work and kindly cancel my agreement. She saw the message but ignored it and didn’t bother to reply, later on same day after sometime I asked for her confirmation but she did the same she saw but ignored. Then me thinking that it is done so I didn’t bother to take any kind of worry about it. And today on 5th August I got a call from there legal department from the girl name Swati Patel, she told me I was suppose to submit the work yesterday and it is one day above. I told her everything that I asked to cancel my agreement and so. Later she told me she will get me in conference with Nisha and till then I need to talk to there customer care head..she gave me a number that was invalid then she gave me a valid number and after talking to that lady she told me to talk to Nisha and that she can’t do anything as she didn’t knew what conversation we had. After sometime Swati called me again and Nisha was also on conference as I said hello Nisha started screaming on me that she told me before that it will .not be cancelled but she didn’t mentioned this before. I told her I was unable to reach you by call so I left you the messages on WhatsApp which you were suppose to reply on, she told me that was not her work to reply on WhatsApp and that I should have called her. I kept on explaining her that I was unable and she would have atleast replied as please call me. But she kept on screaming, later Swati told Nisha to hang up and she started talking to her, and she told me that data of our company is given to you, which was a complete lie I didn’t receive any email from there company but she kept on telling me that there server shows that the work is given to me and told me that there is no use telling me this again and again. And in a very bad way she told me that she will send me a legal notice that will come to me within 4 days.

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