threating call sfrom reliance

Location/place: vijyawada

Name of company/service: reliance communication limited

I took an reliance netconnect+ data card connection in 2011 bearing no.9390053457. Cust ID no:500002063831
I used this for 2-3 months of time and later I disconnected it as service was very poor.I cleared all outstanding as on date & gave request for cancellation with reliance customer care.But after a months time I received a bill of approx 2400/-.When I called and asked for the reason of generating a bill after cancellation of service,customer care representatives replied saying cancellation request of a service cannot be registered through customer care.But the same request is accepted before a month.

Then I went personally to rim world,eluru road,vijayawada,andhrapradesh & gave a request to cancel the service after clearing outstanding as on date thinking I donated to reliance charitable trust..after this I didn’t even plugin the device in my laptop .

After a months time I again received a bill for 1300/- .This time I am absolutely vexed and rejected to pay as I can’t keep on paying thousands of rupees even when I didn’t even plugin the device also.They called me many times for this bill amount and at last in august or septemcber 2011 a person from reliance came to my house and we paid 1300/- And also he gave a receipt for the same.

After approx an years time today I received a call from a person from delhi court information cell bearing number +918588086570 @15.57hrs informing me that there is a case filed on my name in delhi court (file number 206/11 DC) and asked me to speak with mr.Rc goutam ,an advocate and gave me his mobile number +91 9711675519.

I called him up @16.23pm and when I asked him wat was the issue he replied me that a case was filed on my name and I have to pay 1300/- In any reliance web world before 17.30hrs today itself and send him receipt number.

When I tried to explain him wat was happened he didn’t even listen to me and was only saying to pay.He just said although you paid your payment is not updated with reliance and hence you have to repay it again now or attend to court.
Is it my mistake if reliance didnot update a payment?
now after one year of time how can I bring old receipt and show?

I am working in a factory in a rural place and hence I also said him I am now exactly in a village and traveling time to reach a town nearby to pay may take 2hrs and so will pay 1300/-Tomorrow morning.He replied me advising me to ask any of my relatives to pay or do something but pay.

In case if I fail to pay, he asked me not to pay anyhwere and I have to attend court in delhi and pay 1300+25000 as penalty in court.He was so rude and also threatening me in all the way he can.

I already paid 2400+1300 with out using to reliance.Now they are asking to pay 1300/- More.

How can a common indian citizen bear this burden these many times.Request you to help me put.I am ready to give complaint

ambanis are one of the richest families in india and its really pathetic if this is a way to treat a customer and become rich.

Plzzz lokk nto this and provide me a solution

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