This is really ridiculous experience with FASHION & YOU

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: FASHION & YOU

This is formally inform you that this is Adeeti lad I have aacount with Fashion & You my queries is that, I order on 03rd July 2012 one Saree Code No is. 2078 and today i received product no.2064 which I never buy from you at all! So now I don’t want this product at allllllllll….. if u not send me correct product with in 7 day’s will send this same Email to consumer court & also I will mention that you people making ford with customers am facing this problem 2nd time 1st time I ignore it…. But now I take strict action if you will not send correct product…. i Will fail police compliant if you people not give proper response….because our money is not faltu…. Please give me a proper reply as soon as possible
Note: this is really ridiculous experience with FASHION & YOU, I am really very unhappy with your service …. If you see my history I never return your product I always whatever I order that I received genuinely …. So you also genuinely reply

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