this company providing the wrong as well as fake information about institutes/universities on its job portal (

Bringing into your notice that while searching educational websites I found website ( which have list of educational institutions with comments but all those information provided on site was irrelevant and even fake.
Because of such fake and useless website reputed educational institutions get demoralized at the same time students who are already involved or willing to involve in these institution are get disturbed and it may cause of buried their careers as well.
If all these information is right and authentified then site owner should add proof of disability of such institute on website. Website dosen’t have any type of information regarding site owner or company, about its domain etc. This kind of site are just for negative publicity for someone’s favors or may be for blackmail.
It’s my personal observation regarding this site and even i am not in support of listed institute the aim of this complaint is checking authentication of website which are just use for managing or creating publicity in wrong manner.

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