They Took My Money And Not Offered the Services

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: COUNTRY VACATION ? CLUB

Dear Sir

Last year July 2011 I purchased one 30 years terms policy from Country Vacation through their lucrative and false promised and offers as I didn’t get yet. Since last year I am trying to avail the offer they offered me but till today I didnt get them done as each time they add new clause in it. every time they say something visiting their office and when I come back and asked for service they add new expenses in it and the conflict again arises instead of resolution. On 20th June after wasting 4-5 days I met them at their head office in Himmayat Nagar and were negotiated to fulfill all my offers, gifts and services to be provided by 22nd June, 2011. However till today they didn’t fulfilled and what they fulfilled was a part of cheatign again with me. Pls find below the terms and conditions they promised an doffer and now they are denying (even I have canvassing paper of Rep Afrooz / Waheedudin with me in original).



1. Holiday Voucher worth Rs 25,000/- for 5 star accommodation free for 2+2 = 4 Members for 6 Night and 7 days (6N/7D) free (Paying Admin fees of Rs 4000 for Manali, Goa, Kerala or any place in India or Rs 5000 for Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka or International) valid for 1 year, No seasons or sessions is condition. (As Per Syed Waheeduddin / Afroz).

(I send them email to utlize this offer but they didn’t response. Again as we are running shor to time I asked them to extend incase they cant provide it this year, through email for next year as official letter & send by email to me with Open date till July 2014) (OPEN)

2. Free Country Vacation Privilege card entry for 2 for 1 day in any country vacation resort. With one month validity. 10% discount on all facilities. (As Per Waheeduddin / Afroz)

(As you said I can avail it anytime being member, so leave it) (CLOSED)

3. Kitchen article (Crockery set – Good quality) (As Per Syed Waheeduddin / Afroz)

(I didn’t get this, Pls arrange on Friday, 22nd June, 2012) (OPEN)

4. A free Luncheon for my family at Amritha Castle (As Per Syed Waheeduddin / Afroz)

(Arrange it on 22nd or 23rd Evening or Night) (OPEN)

5. To inform and clarify you that I have to Pay Rs 225,000/- against polcy that was equivalent to Dhs 18,000/- (at that time at 1 Dhs = Rs 12.50 as we checked and agreed). However Mr Waheedudin agreed that if any additional charges will come for conversion being using international credit card, as I already informed My Waheedudin & as agreed by him, will be refunded and paid by your company.

To inform you I was charged by bank Dhs 19,045.56/- (See the attached eStatement) An additional as I was expecting and Mr Waheedudin agreed to pay back incase charged?? Kindly make adjustment for this addition payment of Dhs 1,045/- or Rs 13,060/- for refund?? (As Per Syed Waheeduddin) (OPEN)

6. No purchase required or subject to any condition. (As Per Syed Waheeduddin / Afroz)
(Not Applicable)

7. The above mentioned Offer are provided against visiting their office in Amratha Castle
and as per draw concluded (As Per Syed Waheeduddin / Afroz) (Not Applicable)

NOTE PLEASE: (Article 1-5) I have all this in written on canvassing paper where Rep. Mr Afroz / Waheedudin offer me this policy on Behalf Of Country Club!!!!


Total Amount of Policy: Rs 225,000/- (For India & International – Life Time)

 Valid for 30 years (Not Applicable)
 In Country Club own 53 personal Properties.
(Where are the 53 properties of Country Club Owned properties? Pls provide me
the list of complete 53 Country Club properties with details as informed as I am unable to find 53 properties of Country Vacation? (OPEN)
 All properties in RCI & DAE for India and International Vacations.
(As per Sri I will get DAE card and I can utilize international Holidays through it??
Where and when I will get DAE card and when told RCI holidays why you provide me agreement with non-RCI?? (OPEN)
 India : 96 Places (Kashmir to Kanyakumari)
(Where are the 96 properties including 53 of Country Club? Pls provide me the list of all 93 properties with details as informed? (OPEN)
 International: 4000 Destinations.

 Country Vacation Properties (56): Free
 India Tie Up Properties (40): Pay US$ 95 for 6N/7Days
 Abroad Tie Up Properties (4000): Pay US$ 135 for 6N/7Days

Time Period: (2 Weeks) (As Per Rep. Mohd Afroz)

 Total: 2 weeks per year.

 1 Week yearly vacation. (CLOSED)

 1 Additional complimentary week each year (Bonus Week) (Its not provided on the Country Vacation site for holidays, pls clarify when to get this additional bonus week and how to avail it?) (OPEN)

 No season obligation or restrictions for availing vacation. (Why mention Blue season on my card?? Does it means any specific week of the year? Pls specify & clarify what Blue Season Means as I was told I can book anywhere in India / Abroad prior to 10 days intimation for booking from 1st January till 31st December?) (OPEN)

 Can avail and borrow additional weeks as advance from future vacation. Pls clarify how can I do this?? (OPEN)

 Required 10 days prior for booking the Vacation destination.

Other Immediate Free Offers, Benefits & Facilities provided against Policy:

 2 Return tickets for GOA along with 3N/4days accommodation. (CLOSED)

 Spa kit worth Rs 25,000/- (No specified validity period). (I didnt get this kit?? Pls provide it on 22nd June, 2012 when I will come to collect my other things.) (OPEN)

 2 Nos Gold Coins (1 Gram each). (I didnt get these 2 coins 1 gram each yet?? Pls provide it on 22nd June, 2012 when I will come to collect my other things.) (OPEN)

 Extra additional 2N/3days complimentary stay in any Country Vacation properties in India (By Paying Rs 700/- per day as administrative charges) (OPEN)

 A free Luncheon in Amratha Castle.
(Arrange it on 22nd or 23rd Evening or Night) (OPEN)

 150 Sq Yd Land in Country Vacation Residential property (Fairway Extension C – 2689) by paying rs 30,000/- as final payments for Regustration and other processing fees..
(Offer letter received for this. However I will like to change it to 300 Sq Yd against making my holidays from India / International to INDIA ONLY as discussed with Mr Ahmed Mohiuddin and he said it can be consider and will reply back but never happen nor he called me back?? Pls clarify) (OPEN)

 Gold Membership Cards for “Couple” from Country Vacation free for life time (Irrespective of selling / cancelling / transferring the policy at any time at later stage) (Why you provide me silver card?? Where is the gold card??) (As Per Rep. Afroz) (OPEN)

 Free Insurance from HDFC for 25 years (Rs 300,000/- each) Irrespective of selling / cancelling / transferring the policy at any time at later stage) (As Per Rep. Afroz) (Got this letter but its valid for 1 years?? Why so? Pls clarify and see the attached file) (OPEN)

 Vacation can be split as per customer convenience at various resorts & locations. Minimum 2 nights onwards accommodation at single location in split vacation. (As Per Rep. Afroz) (Pls clarify in written to agree) (OPEN)

 Vacation could be Transfer, gifted, exchanged, used, sell by member self and also rented (through Country vacation TAG agent for 10% rent as commission) etc as per customer choice. (As Per Rep. Afroz) (Pls clarify who are these TAG Agent) (OPEN)

Members Count: (Pls clarify what it means????) (OPEN) (As Per Rep. Afroz)

Initially 2+2 Members for 14 days in year (For 1st Year)
Or 6 Men for 12 days (2nd year onwards)
Or 8 Men for 10 days (2nd year onwards)

Annual Maintenance Contract Fees:

 Rs 60 per point (Rs 6000/- annually)
 AMC could be paid from rental income through TAG Agent of Country Vacation. (As Per Rep. Afroz)

Gold Membership Card (Life Time Free for both Members)

 Free for life time to use within country club properties (India and Abroad)

 Non refundable or non cancellable in any condition of selling, transferring etc by present Policy holder. A complimentary Gift from Company.

 Can use facilities 365 days a year with 226 listed clubs.

 Avail Banquet hall free facilities 5 to 6 times in a year for one day each time.

 Food items 20% discount for Parties at Banquet halls usage.

 Free Swimming pool facilities.

 Free Tasha / Moksha Services for 3 years (Both members, Globally)

 Free Gym Facilities (National & International).

Free Insurance:

 Worth Rs 300,000 each for both member from HDFC (Total Rs 600,000/-) (Got this letter but its valid for 1 years?? Why so? Pls clarify and see the atatched file)

 Free Insurance for life. Non refundable or non cancellable in any condition of selling, transferring etc by present Policy holder. A complimentary Gift from Company.

Travel Benefits:

 Upto 40% Discount on Air Tickets if booked through Country Vacation.
 Free Pick and Drop facilities to Airport, Train etc. (Fuel Charges applicable)
 Free Sight seeing that included Car, Driver and guide (Only Fuel Charges applicable).
 Free Laundry services.
 Free Child care Facilities.
 Free Medical Services at accommodation.
 Free Breakfast daily and 20% discount on Lunch & Dinner (India).
 Shopping Discount 20% in all metro cities.

Kindly inform me how to cancel this policy as they didnt providing me services and how to get my money refunded as they are not responsding inspite of calling them several times and sending them emails daily.

Thanking you in advance for anticipated prompst response and cooperation

With regards,


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