They are unable to provide a proper resolution and this has made us suffer from the last two months and we are still suffering.

Location/place: Pune, Maharashtra

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo, Photon plus

Hello sir/madam,

This is in regard to the tata photon device that i purchased but since then there were so many issues related to the device.

I lodged a complaint with whatever possible ways i was able to reach customer service desk of tata docomo, but all in vain.

So i please request you to please look into this matter and take some serious action against the company for all the mental harassment caused during a long period of two months.

I can provide you all the details and emails whichever is needed for this.

Below i have pasted the details of the first email i sent them:-

This is getting really irritating and frustrating. I am hoping/assuming that this might be some technical glitch and should get resolved ASAP.

I guess two persons are using this number as my account is showing some weird data regarding amount.

1. I have HSIA [email protected] Plan and the credit limit earlier was less as well, now it is showing an increase in credit limit to 2500(Why so??).

2. My usage is not much as well, but the account is showing Unbilled Usage Amount (Rs) : 1762 and Outstanding Amount Due (Rs) -1300.

3. Few days back i got an email as well as sms confirmation regarding payment of 1300 rs(i can forward you that mail as well) which i never did(even though it was paid, the same is not getting reflected in my account ). The last amount i paid was 30 rs(which i am still unable to know, why i was made to pay that).

4. It is getting really frustrating as within a single day amount to be paid is getting multiplied in hundreds.

5. I request you to look into this matter ASAP, otherwise i need to take some other serious measures.

6. If you can not do anything about it, you can stop the service and take my device as well and pay my full refund because of all the inconvenience caused.

7. One more thing that is really irritating me is the customer service number “1800266121”. When we dial this number it asks us to dial some other number from the tata docomo number.(where the hell can i get a tata docomo number to call you guys).

8. From the payment confirmation mail that i got , mentioned to call on “18602665555” ( for non- tata docomo users). But when i call that number , they say that i have dialled a wrong number and the staff is not supportive as well and suddenly disconnect the call.

9. Cant you guys have a dedicated number where the non- tata docomo users can call. At least one paid number, need not necessary to be toll free. In case you have that number, please let me know.

Hoping for a positive and quick response atleast from you guys.

Note:- They have solved some of the issues, but it is still frustrating.


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