These Multiplexes are Cheater.

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: CineMax Versova

I don’t know if it’s even that important a complaint but I have to talk about it. Today I went to See Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer at Cinemax, Versova, Mumbai. The Movie stopped twice and they replayed it. But the problem was when ever they replayed it they re-winded it 20 mins to the point where it stopped. This was in the premium class called the Gold Lounge. The ticket for the 11:45 PM show was Rs. 400. When the Movie stopped for the second time I complained to the manager Mr. Jacob and asked for a refund. He point Blankly refused to give any refund and said, “it’s against our Policy”. We got in to an argument and he was very rude. I felt so helpless and angry. Please somebody tell me what to do… I find the behavior of these Multiplexes very Fascistic. IF India is a democracy I really hope I can do something. Thanks..

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