Theft in parked car-management involved

Location/place: Shahdara, Delhi

Name of company/service: Cherish Banquets

I came to attend my Friend’s daughter’s engagement in the CHERISH BANQUETS at Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase

II. I came in my car and the parking person took my car to park in a hurry. After the function got over around

5 in the evening, I came to take my car by giving the token they handed me when they(parking persons) took the

car to park. The people delayed the process to half an hour and did not get my car. On strong persuasion a

person (employee) came out to say that our car has been robbed with its glass broken. He kept on saying that

everything is safe and he had checked everything to be safe. He told that the car is having the stereo and

other accessories to be intact and only the broken glass is being repaired and its taking time. First he told 5

min, then 10 min, then brought the car after 15 min with no broken glass cleaned. When I saw the car I found my

handbag missing. It was a pink handbag that contained my silver purse which had many important banking cards

and official documents. Everything was missing except the stereo and accessories. It was much clear from the

parking person’s confidence that he is involved in the issue. Even the car perfume kept at the back of the car

has been stolen. I called upon the manager of the hall and he along with his companions tried to negotiate the

matter. They even offered me to compromise but I couldn’t price my loss. On their persuasion I kept the price

of Rs. 5 lakhs before them, which they simply refused. I called the police to lodge FIR, the police official

told me to go to Hari Nagar police station due to jurisdiction problem. The policemen made me go from places to

places as a requirement of formality for the case, which caused me a great deal of stress and harassment at

that moment. At the end the Sub Inspector of Hari Nagar police station (near Ghanta Ghar) made the constable

Kalam Singh write my complaint dictated by me. It took about 4 hours for me to simply file an FIR against the

banquet hall owners due to the inefficiency of the police officials as they were unable to take any action

swiftly. I want to bring this matter in the light of consideration and would urge the authorities to tighten

the legal system in India for the betterment of Indian citizens.

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