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I have purchased one Jbl wireless headphone from their website, when I call them to cancel the product, they are saying they wont cancel the product.Beside this they are running a fraudulent scheme, they are randomly calling people and telling them that they have won a prize like iPhone X, dell gaming laptop or lg led tv or 20000 rupees cash, they will get any of the prize if they order some product from their website while they are on call, they are making people to buy some product during the call, on next day some other are calling for name of verification and after that they are saying you have won some prize and you have to pay 10% gst of the product price . This is very dangerous racket, anyone would fall into their racket and will lose their hard earn money.Please look into this matter as soon as possible .I have also recording of the all conversation but here is no option to upload the audio file .

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