The payment due from Bank of India

Location/place: Ratnagiri

Name of company/service: Reliance Solar Energy(TM)

It is to be noted that if any SME unit faced problems due to the market crash or due to unforeseen circumstances, the banks have given rights to published the notice in news papers to declared that such SME unit is almost like fraud. Now in this case what should we say? The Bank of India has placed an order with mail to instilled solar street lights in 11 villages. We immediately have started worked and already installed without solar systems poles in 11 villages which was spread in almost 60 Kms and 240 KMS way from our city.. Our company’s proposal for renewal of CC had been kept pending for almost 9 months, and during that time we have been told to installed those poles.Good discounts have been taken from us on no profit no loss basis. During this process, our file has been kept hanging purposely. Having understood ill chosen workout we have sifted our account with other bank and ask them to accept current market rate of the solar poles. They have send us mail stating that order has been cancelled.We have then agreed to it as we did not have time to go and talk to them and told them please pay the bill of work done so far.Till then after 2.5 years of period they have defaulted our payment.The matter has gone for compromised in court of law, and respected Judge have heard all the story asked us to go to the zonal managers office for payment. If they don’t listen then file a suite against them. We have contacted zonal manager several time, and visited as well. Zonal manager has been ignoring us since then. The banks which declared the unfortunate companies as fraud in news papers, what should we declared them with same justice in news papers as defaulters?
No sir, we will not do such inhuman crime the way you do, you may be huge profit bank but they says there is always a huge crime behind all the big treasures.God will do the rest for you.

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