The IT Wares ( – Terrible Service

Location/place: Siliguri, India

I’m very unhappy about the fact that I did business with The IT Wares. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to even get the order processed. Incidentally, they have short supply of the part (Cooler Master Blue LED 120mm Fans) I ordered and thus are unable to fulfill my order. Initially, I was tried to be convinced to take an alternate part.. but I disagreed and I agreed to wait (assuming it would not take more than 3-4 days) … and now I’m being asked to wait without an ETA for the part to come back in to stock at their end before it is shipped out. Also, they are not willing to cancel my order now (even though it has not been shipped out and the part is still unavailable). Utter harassment.

What upset me the most is the sheer audacity of the customer service folk who asked me not to send them any further emails asking them for the status of the order. The exact words of the rep were “Whenever it comes, we will ship it out. I can not tell you when, it can be tomorrow, day after, next week, etc.” Terrible way to speak to a customer!

This is the last time I would have ever done any business with you. I’ll stick to Flipkart.

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