Dear Sir,

I joined in France MNC sector 63 Noida in June 2017 & one senior developer was behind me I love u only in whole office he proposed me & developed personl relations then suddenly ditched me in December that my parents already know after that I posted whole story on Facebook how he misused his powers & after that in February my manager & one lady HR abused me 6 times in cabin that you will not take any action on Manish Pandey otherwise we will terminate you and blacklist you. Then I wrote one email on saying of my father as per company rules I will stay silent and for three months I was working silently but my whole technical support team members were involved in between was haressing me daily and disturbing me on saying of manager whom I was totally avoiding but after three months my manager called me suddenly in between my work and told me to not come from tomorrow & they forcefully told me to write resign letter on 14 MAY 2018 and they putted wrong work performance blames on me because that was the only reason left to terminate me & to save there senior developer Manish.
Hence I kindly hold my hands & request you to punish & fire all three persons involved HR Ayesha Ganguli , Manager Rishi Yadav & Senior Developer – Manish Pandey who misused there powers & destroyed my whole life by snatching my job also.

I request you kindly first call me on my number 8700122194 & help me anonymously I m in big depression.


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