Televantage FRAUD

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Televantage India

Hi All

I had ordered a Dermaseta Deluxe unit from Televantage based on the TV commercial that says that . Dermaseta deluxe comes with the SPA attachments and 10 free crystal pads and a silver color case to store these. when i received the parcel i found only 5 crystal pads and the silver case was missing. when i complained one mr. Raj on customer Service kept telling me that we have to mention the detailed of the product in confirmation call. however the lady who called me for confirmation never told me a thing she just asked if i ordered Dermaseta Deluxe online and when i said yes she said we will get it in 3/4 days . She did not ask me or tell me that i need to mention the offer . also its not told in the TV ad as well that we need to mention the offer when we call. I asked them to send in the remaining stuff which was missing and the customer support rep kept arguing . i have also ordered x5 with swivel sweeper need to see what these people deliver . this is a big fraud that they are doing please dont fall for it . Buy stuff from normal retail outlets . atleast you get what you see

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  1. 9 years ago

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