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Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: IDEA Cellular

I was using IDEA post paid connection for which i have given advance rent of 3 years. I was not using the connection and the phone was always in switch off mode. My plan expired in June 2012. I am using an alternative IDEA number which is being regularly in use. The other connection which is in dispute was taken on the basis of this connection only. After 3 months of expiry of plan, I have received a bill of Rs. 450 which includes monthly rental of Rs. 150 per months and the same was charged for 2 months. I contradicted for the charges levied without informing me. Since i was using another connection, the expiry related information may be given to the alternative number. If they can call on my alternative no. for collection of my balance / pending dues, they must have intimated me for the plan expiry on my alternative no. since this intimation will lead to disconnection of services, they did not informed on the alternative no. I filed a conplained in idea appleat also regarding this but did not received any reply. More over in the current bill they have added Rs. 900 plus ST for the advance rental for the next three years. How can the company renew the plan, which is already in dispute for next 3 years and that too which the connection is in suspended mode. I also tried calling to appleat authority but nobody takes the call and phone get disconnected. I was to finally settle the matter, as i am a responsible person.

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  1. 9 years ago

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