TDR not returning

Dear Sir/ Madam

I want to lodge complaint against IRCTC as they are cheating with me not giving my TDR refund by
telling some illogical reasons . Detail of my ticket as attached . As per detail my ticket got
confirmed but my husband ticket was not confirmed . He has traveled in sleeper coach in the same train
due to this .

Train was late and i was at station . I filed TDR online before arrival of train . As we are not used
to the detail procedure simply we put online filing of TDS return , at that it has not ask for any
documents etc. Other than that the TT who checked my ticket has not told about any procedure regarding
any physical document i have to take from him for TDR refund .

Now after some days when i checked my IRCTC account it shows that TDR rejected and told the reason that
i have not taken hard copy by TT / Certificate.

As being lady at 3:00 AM in train TT should tell me about that copy , is this my fault to not to take
copy or it is IRCTC TT fault . I think he has to guide me for the process.

Now the result is that IRCTC TDR team mailing me to send hard copy / certificate given by TT.

Please look in to the matter and do justice with me .



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