Tatasky pricing of services

I have no complaints about Tatasky in terms of pricing, service etc. But they are liars, and at times their customer executives will behave like complete fools and act ignorant.

They advertise 50% off on Showcase on Wednesdays, but when we try to execute the order, no discount is applied. Helpline staff behave as if their brains are made of cabbage. I have to explain them their own offer, as if they don’t know what it is.

Similar issues happened with redeeming of gift coupons, extending of annual offers etc. A waste of time and money to interact with their staff.

I have been a customer for over 10 years now, and have switched to the lowest possible tariff plan. Can’t wait for DTH portability. That will force these DTH providers to be more efficient.

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  1. 3 years ago

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