Tata Teleservices blocked my device and want me to pay for new one

Location/place: 118, Shama vihar, bagh-2, Lucknow-226023

Name of company/service: Tata Teleservices Ltd.

I am VP Asia Pacific Operations in a US based company and I work from home, intenret is the back bone of my work.

PH- 9936158886

I bought Tata Photon+ from a Tata Tele Services Store.
Device info –
model : EC156
MEID : A000002E0283FB
PESN : 80CD9D63
S/N : A4G9MB1152328414

Store Address –
Tata Tele services, near Awadh Hospital, Nahar, Kanpur road Lucknow.

I bought the Photon+ device with a pre-paid connection for Rs. 1300.
I used it for 3 months and then wanted to convert it into Post Paid connection.
I paid Rs 100 as activation/security deposit for the post paid connection on the same device.
Executive Name – Mr. Prateek
who did this process for me.


Now, I was told that, I would get a confirmation message on my cell phone (9936158886) when my post paid connection would get activated.
Till that time I would be able to use internet as in trial offer for 100mb data usage.

I never got the activation message, I called up the store informing them and they told me your post paid connection is active, continue using it.

My Photon+ device stopped connecting one day. I went to the Tata store again. They told me that your device was purchased in combo offer by you where you have bought a Walky and Photon+ together. Now since they tried porting to post paid my device is blocked and could not be used further neither in post paid nor in pre paid connection.
I was not aware that my device was part of a combo offer and I never bought it in any offer.

The store guys told me that they could not help me even if that is their fault.
They had sold me a device in some offer when it was not allowed by Tata tele services to do so.
It was Store’s fault and they asked me to buy another device for Rs 1300 if I want to use Photon+.

I talked to Abhishek – 9044099388 (some senior guy) whose number was given by the store manager. They asked me to talk to him if he could help me out.
i was told that if I would tell them that its their fault then no matter what I do no one in Tata would help me in India.
I told him that I would file a complaint in consumer forum, on that he tells me that Tata Tele services is above all law and consumer forums.
There are thousands of cases pending in consumer forum, it does not bother them. Consumer forum could do nothing to him or Tata tele services.
He wanted me to pay him around Rs. 500 to get this issue rectified some improper ways which I am not sure of.

All this caused me around 10-12 hours of harassment where I had important meetings, & many other very important work to do worth thousand of dollars. It costed me Rs 10,00000 worth of loss in terms of productivity, mental tension, & business loss for my company for which I am accountable to.

I want Tata Tele Services to cover up for all the losses I have to bear and show them that they are not above consumer forum and court.

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