Tata Sky Strong Arm Tactics

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Sky

Dear Sir

I purchased a Tata Sky connection on 7th June which was installed on 8th June. After installation, I received an SMS saying my account has been debited for Rs 500 as installation charge. When I called I was assured they will investigate but during the period the connection would not go down. However I was shocked to see on 14th June the connection was blocked. When I called they informed me that it was because they had used 50 metres of cable, when in actual practice they used less than 20 metres. The customer service rep said they could not unblock the channel, until I paid the 500 Rs or they checked the status. In frustration I have paid, but now have no recourse. What does a consumer do when we pay the money upfront but do not receive the service?

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