Tata Sky Recharge & Customer Service

Location/place: CBD Belapur Sector 20 Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Sky

tata sky was recharged for a month.I did not use the services for entire month.complaint was lodged two times and got a revert call from the technician post long duration stating that he cannot visit the area due to some local cable operator tata sky was discharged post one month for which i did not use any service.when i called tata sky today for activating my account for another one month as i was not used the services at all;i was told that i will have to wait for another 24-hrs and also have to wait for another 5-hrs to speak to a manager as there is no manager on shift.with no option left i recharged my account online (transaction id-TY1208040018150136, Bank transaction ID-616118270622171) and still services were not activated.then i called tata sky again and i was told the tansaction was cancelled however i had received a text message from my bank stating that the amount has been deducted.i was also told by the rep that the amount will get credited in 10-days.this has caused lot of inconvinience to me and almost a metal harrasment.all the conversations i had with tata sky reps through my cellphone.this has only caused cost to me without enjoying the services i deserve to receive as a are all the conversation reference numbers from tata sky: 1-15274848312(Anita),1-15184090134(Pankaj Shah),1-15663687858(Supervisor Saujanya).you may reach me at 9619023696

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