Location/place: CHENNAI

Name of company/service: TATA PHOTON PLUS

I have been using TATA photon+ Rs 950/- per month unlimited plan since last 8 months. The first month of the service had been very poor later services not avail when customer @ roaming.

I had be leasing with your service support executives ever since I was roaming but I did not get any help as such not sure what happen due to this I am losing my business every day which cost me 30 to 60 pounds per day, now I have decide to withdraw the service to get better one in the market,

The two choices I have had in mind,

1. Call me within 2 to 3 hrs today to resolve this ASAP.
2. Once I am back to CHENNAI I will be surrendering the dongle to your service desk will not pay this month due as there was no support for roaming and no proper response as per the request.

Suggest you two chose among the best and give a best possible solution asap .indeed I have no choice to fall into others grave yard……

The story,

Issue : Not able to use TATA PHOTON PLUS while roaming.
Roaming: Vaniyambadi – 635752
A/C No: User Id: 9282243272
Mobile Number: 97910 42223

Is there absolutely no coordination between your various departments?
One department gives me a different approach on current issue were as other gives a complete OS corrupted information

They can’t analyze one simple thing, whether, why connection is not established outside the city. This is so unprofessional on your part by not supporting on fly or at door.

And even on underlining 10 times to your executive that please see that the current issue is subjected to connectivity not being established outside the city, he goes and transfer the call to different department not even bother to response or giving a complaint number kind of bizarre when we reach to your customer service And I have not even received the call so far the complaints lodge nor the representative logs the request on the system I had been frequently observing this with different service support people at ur desk as they don’t see what was the actual compliment given by the customer on the screen.

And me the poor user of the net, comes to know about the whole affair and mis-working at your end, when my internet is not working and I keep calling and following your executives for 20- 50 min on phone a number of times.

To get the net connection and installation from TATA was one pain that I had gone through and now it’s another when I switched across different places. Please advice what should I do?

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