Tata Photon New Device is Faulty

Location/place: New Delhi/ Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Tata Photon Plus 3.1 Mbps


I bought a Tata Photon Plus plan for my day to day working. It’s not even a month since I bought it and I am experiencing reduced speeds …basically not at all what I was promised. My other Tata Photon Plus works great at the same location as me.

So I raised the complaint for slow speed and had an engineer visit me from Tata Teleservices. The engineer confirmed that my Tata Photon device is faulty and would need a replacement from Tata.

Now I am being given a Olive device and that too refurbished and repaired ….my concern is when for a absolutely new connection I paid for a HUWAEI EC156 device then why I am not being given the same make and model of the device. It is the companys fault that they have given a faulty device to a new customer and not consumer will never accept second hand products.

I have talked to cutomer care executive Ashish Kala as well as cutomer care DGM Sanjay Dhingan….though Mr.Sanjay wants to resolve this issue but people under him are lazy and dont want to do extra work.

Kindly take this up so I have a justified resolution of my complaint.

Tata Photon Number: 9212477938
Account Number : 913981329
Tata Photon Device : Huawei EC156
Complaint Number : 316889815 (revised 318150017)

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