Tata Photon Internet Connection Billing Issue- CONSUMER COURT Complaint

Location/place: Dashadrone, post- R.Gopalpur/ kolkata

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo/ Photon Internet Connection

I have taken Tata Photon Internet connection with TATA DOCOMO NO- 09230623570 and Account Number- 937498656.

I went for a Corporate Internet Connection with Tariff Plan- HSIA 6GBDay [email protected] Plan in month of june 2012.
This plan gives me free usage of 6GB in Day time(peak hours) from 7:00 am to 10:59 pm, and free usage of 10GB in Night time(Off peak hours) from 11:00 pm to 6:59 am.
My billing cycle was from 19 june to 18 july. At the end of Billing cycle I checked my total usage from Tata docomo site and it was around 5GB consumed in day time and 5GB consumed in Night time.

But the bill which they sent me in that they had shown Daytime usage to be around 8GB and Night time usage to be around 2GB. Now since this 8GB is exceeding their Day time free usage limit(6GBfree- extra usage 2GB) they put an extra charge for 2GB and sent a bill of around 1850/-.

WHEN I ASKED THEM FOR CLARIFICATION- they are saying calculation of bill is not done according to GBs consumed in day and night time but its done on the basis of Log in time. Means suppose I logged in to internet at 10:00 pm and used internet till 2:00 am (for 4 hours). Then according to them all usage of 4 hours will be added to day time usage instead of 1 hour day time and 3 hour night time.

I want to get the clarification how could they calculate bill on the basis of log in time instead of data consumed. They have correct calculation system but they are not using it and cheating their customers. I am saying they are cheating the users because at the end of billing I myself had seen the correct consumption details which was around 5GB for and 5GB for Night. But at the time of generation of bill they deny from this fact.

I request you to ask TATA PHOTON give a correct strategy for bill calculation and help users like me.At the same time I kindly request you to take an action against Tata Photon cheating the users. I am not the only user who is suffering from this kind of cheating but there are many more people who suffering from similar kind of problem. You can google it directly or can go to following link too for this kind of fraud of Tata Photon .

I case of any concern please call me at- 9674568640 or mail me at [email protected]

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