Tata Photon bill payment

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: Tata Photon

I was using Tataphoton device since 25th july 2011. My device stopped working on 28-05-2012, and my device is under 1 year warranty period. I raised a complaint on the same day and my complaint number is 31122503.

Since I had a surgery and working from home, the connection is very important and its urgent for me to get connected to my office network. So from 28-05-2012 to 07-06-2012 I called mostly daily twice or thrice and explained them about my health
problem and the important of the connection to me, also sent mails to customer care. But I didnot get proper support from them.

So after that I sent mail to them to cancel my connection. Then they called me on 11-06-2012 and told they are ready to serve me and replace the device. But after ill treating me for these many days I dont want to continue with the connection. Now they sent me bill for Rs 1058. I’m not willing to pay that bill for that period.

Since I didnt use the for nearly 15 days.Because of this problem I faced lot of pressure from my office, and wasted lot of money for calling customer care everyday. Since I have the option of connecting from home, because of this issue I went to office by booking the cab and spent Rs2400 for 2 days to and fro.

I really had more stress and pressure from my office, because of the Tataphoton problem. This is a simple issue where TataPhoton could have replaced the device. But they didnot care for the customer. And expecting me to pay bill for the not working connection. I’m not willing to pay the bill

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